We Embrace Diversity

Selecting legal representation is never an easy decision. When you choose Eskins, King & Marney, P.C., you can rest assured you are choosing one of the best law firms in Memphis. Our knowledgeable team is experienced, aggressive, and diverse. We believe a competent, diverse counsel is crucial to a positive outcome.

The Eskins, King & Marney Difference

Representing the citizens of Memphis

Eskins, King & Marney, P.C. is located in Memphis, TN, a vibrant city teeming with racial and cultural diversity. We strive to provide legal representation that matches the diversity of the people of Memphis.

Diverse representation is critical for jury trials

A large percentage of the cases handled by our firm are jury trials. If you should find yourself facing a jury trial, we believe your attorneys should be able to relate to the diversity of the jury that will be deciding your case. Effective and engaging communication with the entire jury is essential to a desirable outcome. Our talented team of attorneys can relate to the diverse population of Memphis.

Additional benefits of a diverse counsel

Choosing a diverse legal counsel offers several benefits beyond appealing to a diverse jury. We firmly believe our diversity allows us to provide you with the best legal advice. The most advantageous benefit associated with our diversity is that we are able to rely on several varying opinions and points of view when reviewing the issues of your case.


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