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Practice Areas

Construction Law

Often construction contractors do not get paid for their labor and materials on a project. Those companies regularly retain our firm to file a bond claim, to send a notice of non-payment and to file a lien. Conversely, many contractors are faced with a wrongful lien on their construction project. Bonding companies are often faced with bond claims that lack merit.

Such cases need to be defended by lawyers thoroughly familiar with Tennessee lien law. If your company needs to assert a claim to obtain a payment on a project or if your company needs representation defending such a claim do not hesitate to contact our firm. We have experience litigating construction disputes in all parts of west Tennessee from large civic projects to small construction. Specialized knowledge of the construction industry is important. We have that knowledge.

Employment Law

Experience is important when choosing legal representation in the employment law arena. Our firm has litigated numerous employment law cases in several states and in numerous federal and state courts. We have also argued several employment cases before the United States Court of Appeals and sought certiorari before the United States Supreme Court. Our experience in employment cases includes cases involving: racial discrimination; sexual harassment; whistleblower retaliation; religious discrimination and other employment related disputes. Please let us tell you how we can be a part of the solution to your employment litigation needs.

Family Law

Family law cases are often filled with emotion and distrust. It is important to obtain competent legal representation early on in such a dispute in order to avoid making crucial mistakes.

Our firm regularly represents individuals involved in family law disputes. Our firm also represents individuals with post-divorce issues such as alimony modification, custody disputes and issues concerning child support. Should you or anyone you know have any need for legal representation concerning a family law issue, do not hesitate to contact our firm.

Insurance Defense

The primary practice area of the attorneys in our firm has historically been insurance defense. Our attorneys have represented nearly every major insurance company that has litigated cases in western Tennessee. With over forty-five years of combined insurance defense experience we know what it takes to resolve disputes to the satisfaction of your claims department. By way of example and not limitation, our attorneys have litigated insurance defense cases in the following practice areas:

It is our pledge to you that we will provide quality cost effective legal representation to your insureds. We understand the needs of your claims department and we will undertake to meet those needs. We will also ensure that both you and the insured are kept informed with regular status reports and communications.

Healthcare Liability

When a healthcare professional is faced with a healthcare liability lawsuit it can be overwhelming.  Any time a healthcare professional is accused of medical negligence it is a direct attack on his or her competence. We understand this. As a result we take extra measures to walk our clients through the legal process explaining complex legal issues and answering any and all questions they may have.

Our experience and knowledge may assist in mitigation of damages for the benefit of our clients and their insurers.  Our attorneys have years of successful litigation experience.  Our firm utilizes top notch paralegals and a surgical nurse consultant to ensure that our clients receive efficient quality representation.  Our law firm provides a working knowledge of the law and complex issues related to medical terminology, treatment and technology to assist you in your healthcare liability litigation.